“This is what Democracy looks like” Photoessay on NYC Protests against President-Elect Donald Trump

In the past few days, protests against President-Elect Trump have rocked the nation. This is a photoessay on the protest in New York City on November 12th.


#101Smiles turns to #101Stories

So today, when I logged onto Twitter, I saw that Jennifer Morrison (otherwise known as Emma from Once Upon a Time) had finished her 101 Smiles challenges. Because I’m horrible at keeping up with things on a daily basis, I’ve decided to take on the challenge – to see if i can post 101 things that make me smile or laugh. It can be a picture, an article or a poem. Or it can be something that interests me. Over the course of the next 101 days (send help), I’ll try to post something with the hashtag #101Stories. Happy Reading!

The Defeat

As per tradition, I woke up to the sound of trumpets and Shakira’s FIFA song. Admist the sea of yellow and red, we ventured out to watch the game. For my sake, we looked for a flat screen TV.



(The above is a picture of what I wore and who I was with everytime Colombia played. Notice that it’s the same shirt beause anything else would have been a disgrace)

We went here:


I strayed inside eventually because it was 95 degrees outside and a bunch of trees covered in Colombian flags wasn’t doing mch to help.


But, after that emotional roller coaster, we lost. And the party turned into something like this: CAM00773[1]

It was all very sad, yet I looked something like this because it was, after all, the fourth of July. CAM00775[1]

And ate this:




Welcome to Colombia

After a long conversation with my parents about what I would do for summer, they decided I could go to Colombia. I haven’t been to Colombia in two years because of school. But this year, I decided to forget it all and travel. Of course, that meant going alone, but there’s always an adventure there.



Traveling to Colombia also means having to buy a jersey the moment I landed to support the Colombian team. Pictured above is my cousin Nicholas, who really believes USA is going to lose to Portugal today.



I have never actually played a full game of Monopoly until Saturday. I lost. My cousin ended up with empires everywhere. Remind me of why I’m playing board games? (Oh and I made an alliance with Niko because I kept having to pay him like a thousand dollars yet declared bankruptcy before him).

There’s an ACT Tomorrow?!?!?!?!?!?!

There's an ACT Tomorrow?!?!?!?!?!?!

Apparently, when it comes to choosing if I should go to sleep early before a big test or going out to eat with friends at like 11pm, I choose friends. Carlos decided we should try Pei Wei, which I don’t know if I’m a big fan of just yet but that’s what happens when Julie picks me up like an hour later and 22 Jump Street sells out and we “forget” we have tests to study for.

FIFA is life

I anxiously wait for the World Cup and every time it comes around my heart goes crazy, but that’s ok. This year I saw the opening ceremony at my brother’s house, but I couldn’t watch Colombia play because I had the ACT. Of course, that didn’t stop me from screaming that Colombia had won in Chickfilla after we walked there. Some dude told me I spoiled the scorefor him. Whoops.