Week 7

I can’t believe there’s only one week left. It feels like both forever and a blink of an eye have passed since I’ve been here. I’m wrapping things up at my internship and wanted to update you guys since yesterday, when I launched my Malala Fund project. In a little over a day, I’ve raised 91 dollars! The campaign still has 6 days to go, so if you want to donate money, please feel free to!

Otherwise, here at work I’ve been meeting with team members to give them my research and sharing it so they can use it when I’m gone. It’s so weird to not be able to jump onto the next project because I won’t be able to finish it. I’ve been enjoying being in the office.

Last weekend, I went to Buckingham Palace. That trip was one of two planned WAY before I even landed in London, back when I was taking my finals maybe 3 months ago now. The Buckingham Palace is only open 2 months out of the year, and though we were told to only do the state rooms, I couldn’t be in London without doing the whole thing. We did the Royal Day Out, which included access to the stables and the queen’s art collection. I’ve recently had a very hard time choosing between Paris and Venice for study abroad in the Spring, and the queen’s art collection helped me see the city of Venice through an artist’s eye. It didn’t make choosing any easier.

The state rooms took my breath away, because there is so much history within those walls. It was amazing to be able to stand in the dining hall that are the backdrop to so many important meetings between world leaders. Sadly, we couldn’t take photos inside the palace, but I hope to one day be back as an invited palace guest and an American diplomat! We finished our Royal Day Out by going to Afternoon Tea. The scones were my favorite part.

Sunday, we went to Oxford. Although it was a lovely town, and our punting experience was wonderful, I am glad I never finish sending in my Oxbridge application. We had finished the whole town before 5pm, and I was super glad we were going back to London. It was a bit too quiet and a bit too touristy at the same time.


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