Week 6

It’s been a crazy week, so much so that yesterday I feel asleep right after work and Abbey woke me up because she was worried that I was sleeping so early. Turns out, I was just really exhausted.

Work has been working on bits and pieces of projects, and alternating between research, more research and crowdfunding. I’ve gotten to sit in on meetings where the Hubbub team evaluates their value propositions, and have once again been able to use my research to back up any claims that I make during the meeting.

Since I am now looking into the US Higher education market, it’s been interesting to see how everything ties together. Before I started working at Hubbub, the only giving campaign I knew was Columbia’s. Now, I can tell you which universities are using the same platform, and how I was able to tell that they’re the same. I’ve been in conversation with the US market because that’s where Hubbub wants to go next, and as a product of US higher education, I can see things differently. I think universities have crowdfunding platforms because there are an abundance of student projects that require funding, and having other backers makes it easier to figure out whether or not the project will succeed. From there, universities can see which projects to give funds to.

Crowdfunding has been around since the time of the Statue of Liberty but it’s still an  interesting concept, even to someone who is currently in the process of wrapping up a crowdfunding pitch on Hubbub. I’ve seen what rewards other students and universities give for donating, but had trouble coming up with my own. I thought I knew how I wanted my video to look, before I realized I have very limited video editing skills and a very short time frame. I also didn’t count on how cold it is to film in London in July. All of this is part of one project, but it ties in so many things together.

My other project, which entails understanding the US higher education market, means looking at what American universities are doing. To start, I had to look at the US News rankings, because part of the ranking is determined by participation rates. That’s where I started my research and though I knew that the top ranked schools are some of the most expensive, the numbers kept surprising me because they’re so unbelievably in comparison to the UK higher education market. I had a whole conversation with Jon about why that was and I still doesn’t understand. I don’t think I ever will understand why college is so expensive.

On another note, London just keeps getting better. Since my friends were out of town last weekend, I went exploring by myself, which meant, like the good nerd I am, I ended up at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. For the first time in ages, I felt like a little kid going to Disney for the first time. Some of the exhibits took my breath away, and I spent all day in awe, reading and learning and pretending to be a kid again. And then Karen dragged me out at night even though I had spent the whole day walking. We went to Duck and Waffle and watched the London skyline at night. On Sunday, we went to the Tower of London and calculated that we would take 2 hours there. We lied, it took the whole day and we missed the Wimbledon finale but it was super fun. Karen and I had a very interesting conversation about the hype around the Crown Jewels, but they were very nice to look at. I definitely recommend taking the Beefeater tour, it’s worth it.  

I finally got to meet my mentor! She’s super nice and super accomplished and I am already so proud of her. She’s doing two MBAs, one from Columbia and one in London. She travels a lot, which is why it has been so hard to meet, but she’s someone who’s worked very hard and has seen a lot and has very good insight and advice. She’s super encouraging too! I didn’t get a picture because I was so not put together but I will definitely try to get one before I leave.


I will upload photos later!


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