Week 5

It’s been a really long week. I keep thinking I’m forgetting things when I write my blog post but alas, time goes by differently when you’re in London. I keep being reminded of a poem that I read before I got here, something along the lines of how I was going to hate how time flies, because I wanted to stay in the moment so much. I want to stay in these moments – at work, at the flat, at South Bank – so much.

It’s about that time in the summer where we’re all asking ourselves where all the time went. And in retrospect (and looking forward) we’ve done so much, but we haven’t done it all. I guess time really is tricky.

I guess now is where I tell you about work! Work is research right now, moving towards a market that I understand somewhat but not overall. It’s a bit hard because while things at Hubbub in the nonprofit sector are moving forward, I’m still playing catch up in certain aspects. For example, I sat down in a meeting with someone well-versed in nonprofits, and had to learn the different terms between public and private schools in the U.K. Interestingly enough, British public schools are private. Which is fun when grammar schools are usually public. It’s these type of moments where I remember that I am an just an intern, and that the company had a history before me and that I won’t be present for the exciting things that are going to happen in the very near future. I am nowhere near a digital fundraising expert the way Jon is, but I’ve learned quite a bit. And I am excited to help the company expand.

My next project at Hubbub (which I just found out about today) involves using their crowdfunding platform (hubbub.org) to raise funds for a charity of my choice. I’ve chosen the Malala Fund because of their work in furthering girl’s educations around the world. The project is meant to help point out where the platform could be improved and meant to train me in customer support. The idea is that I will be able to use the platform to successfully run a campaign, and in turn, teach others how to run one of their own. The project is obviously smaller scale than the ones that Hubbub traditionally does, but I am excited to carry it through. The Malala Fund is a cause I truly believe in, because I believe every girl should have the opportunities that education has given me. I believe education is a fundamental human right, so with this project, I get to both sponsor a cause I believe in, and help Hubbub. I’ll be working on setting up a “project” in the next week or so and will post it here when it goes live, so keep an eye out for it!

One really cool thing I did this week was look at a competitor and its recent acquisitions. I had to do some digging to find their annual turnovers before I realized companies all have their turnovers on public databases. It’s really interesting to see how the market overall operates, and I’m glad that was a bit of my research this week.

I guess now I can tell you what I did this week.

So to start off, on Thursday, Minh messaged our group asking if anyone wanted rush tickets to Les Mis. As a big fan of cheap seats to very expensive events,I of course agreed to go. Best choice ever. During the weekend, we went to the Victoria & Albert museum (and stumbled upon Pride on the way there), Hyde Park (where the Killers were set to perform at 9pm), Camden Lock Market (before the fire) and the National Gallery. The fire shocked us all on Monday morning when we read the news. And then on Monday, we went to our first pub quiz night, where the first answer was “Despacito” and we probably should have slowed our confidence after that, because we didn’t really know anything past the third category. But it was super fun and I’m looking forward to the next one! On Tuesday night, Hubbub celebrated it’s 6th birthday party at a bowling alley, where I learned that I hold a bowling ball wrong and that bowling lanes in the U.K are shorter (and smaller). I’m still waiting for proof on that though, so I will get back to you. The food was great and it was really cool to hang out with my coworkers outside of work! Happy birthday Hubbub!



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