Week 3

I realize I forgot to update you guys on Thursday, but here is my post.

1 day until my really big presentation, and I had a last-minute run-through with the US branch last Friday.

Prepping for this presentation is very much a big deal at my internship right now. Jon, my supervisor, has been very supportive and answers everything I ask him. But the presentation is all on me. I need to know all the information and be prepared for any questions, but also figure out how to lead a group of people with vast fundraising knowledge through a presentation on a possible new fundraising market. Jon told me to be ready to have the room light up with questions and comments, and to be able at the same time to maintain their attention on my whole presentation as a whole, rather than specific parts.

To that end, the outline of my presentation has changed maybe 10 times by now, with the gold, silver and platinum opportunities all switching places according to what Jon and I feel is most vitale and more importantly, more interesting.

I presented my run-through to a digital fundraising specialist based in the United States who’s missing my presentation because of one of the few American bank holidays, the Fourth of July. According to Jon, he was very impressed.

It’s nerve wracking that there will be 15 people present for my presentation, and that some will call in. Not only do I have to worry about the people in the room, but also the people who can’t see me. I’m excited to see how it’s going to go! It’s really cool to have this opportunity as an intern because it makes me a valuable part of the team and of the company as it goes forward and expands. And though I know Jon is excited to see how it all comes together, I’m excited to see how it comes together and what (if hopefully) it affects within the company.

I’ve also been doing some social media work and shadowing the marketing team, as well as talking to the business development team to see how they bring all the ongoing projects together and recruit (or acquire) new ones.

During this week, the interns all got together for dinner! It was very fun and the food was amazing.

Scariest thing thus far though was getting evacuated from King’s Cross, but life moves on. I missed my meeting with my mentor and now she’s out of the country but I’m looking forward to meeting her next week. I also forgot to mention we went to Stonehenge and Bath. Bath was super nice, Stonehenge was very underwhelming. 

Last weekend, I decided to leave London. Abbey and I went to Paris for a grand total of maybe 28 hours, but we saw everything we could and slept very little. With two years of Columbia french under my belt, I was able to get us free museum admissions to the Louvre and the Holy Chapel, which meant that we had more money to spend on crepes, macaroons and croissants.

Paris has been a dream for so long that seeing it in person somehow still feels like a dream. I’m still waiting to wake up one day back in Miami and realized that I’ve dreamt up this whole experience. I can’t put into words how wonderful Paris was, even as we were running around all day in the rain. There are songs that speak to how “belle” Paris is, how romantic the city is. Let me tell you, Paris is all of that and so much more. I can’t wait to go. Honestly, there is nothing like midnight in Paris.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed my trip.

Now, it’s time to prepare for my presentation! Wish me luck!



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