Week 2

First full week of work is done. I wanted to save the second blog post for talking about what I’m doing at Hubbub, which provides digital fundraising solutions for non profit organizations and universities. It’s the company in charge of running Giving Day campaigns for universities and hosts a crowdfunding platform for projects. Just look at what they did for SOAS and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

It’s been an eventful full first week since my last blog post.

I am a Market Research intern, which means I get to look at viable markets that Hubbub could one day potentially expand into. This is not as easy as it sounds, for there are hundreds of markets, each doing their own individual thing. My task for the week has been to look at these potential markets and evaluate whether or not Hubbub should target them. That means coming up with Business models, which are interesting to fill out.

I wish I could tell you everything that’s been going on in this office. After a big surprise on Monday, I started my second week with a better idea of how a startup works. The startup culture means Jon, the CEO, wears a shirt making fun of covefe and asks his interns if Trump really is an American president. And though he sits right across from me, and smiles when something funny happens, he’s intently running a company. And Joshua, the financial director, is right next to him working. It’s really cool to see the CEO as someone I can interupt when I have a question.

Jon challenged me with this research, but has also allowed me to venture away from it. I got to sit in on marketing meetings, learning about the state of the UK higher education market and future projects. Though my research in the first week meant a lot of external research – emailing potential customers and finding out what they are currently using – this week, there’s been a turn on the internal side. I have to ask the people on the Hubbub team to put what they know to the test to help me create a new business model. It’s been interesting to see the different responses and also to see how willing people are to help me. I’m learning about value propositions from people who have done this time of things before. Sometime next week I’ll present my findings to the company, so I’ll keep you updated!

And in other news, London has taken my breath away. I hope you enjoy the folllowing photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


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