QuestBridge Monthly Theme: Career Goals

It’s ironic that this month’s theme is career goals. Last week, I was in the middle of midterms and internship searching. Sufficient to say, looking forward is a lot of work. But it is worth it.

At Columbia, we have a great career center. I did an externship through them last Spring Break, and it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had thus far. The CCE taught me a lot, but the most valuable lesson I learned was that I had to take the initiative, regardless of how daunting the task may seem.

As I write this post, I am currently researching how to fund an internship. I’ve found that one of the best ways to find information is to send upperclassmen a quick Facebook message – Joi, our last liaison, has been super helpful in answering any question I come up with it. Later on tonight, I plan on attending a CCE interview prep session.

I’ve recently started applying to summer internships as well, because some have very early deadlines. I know some are a long shot, but I’ve learned a lot throughout the process. When I interviewed last week for a position with MasterCard, the interviewer was very helpful in steering me in the right direction. I know the process is daunting, but approach it as a learning experience, because truly, the best teacher is experience.

Personally, my latest endeavor has me at an interview tomorrow!

Wish me luck!




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