Columbia PorColombia Gala

One of my executive boards on campus decided to host a philanthropy gala last night in order to raise funds for a water tank for a school in the Wayuu community in Colombia. Planning it was a lot of work – and a lot of refreshing my Spanish professional skills to coordinate with Prosowa, but overall, it was so much fun. I am glad we were able to raise the money necessary to help the children have clean, drinkable water at school. As the Socio-Political Chair of Columbia PorColombia, I coordinated with everyone on the board to see the gala come to life. Pictured above is the invitation I created for the event. It was made with canva, a web-based editing tool that has proven to be very useful. Pictures of the event will be up soon on the PorColombia Facebook page, so stay tuned!


The Eboard had a lot of fun!



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