A Year in Politics

When I was in high school, Mirta Ojito came to speak to our journalism class. Mirta now works for Telemundo, and was previously a professor at Columbia Journalism School. When she tweeted out an invitation to see the #CJSLatinoVote panel at the Journalism School with Telemundo, I knew I had to attend. Luckily for me (since I’m an undergrad and the panel was targeted towards established journalists), Mirta remembered my love for journalism and told me to come along anyway. I got to see Jose Diaz-Balart from Telemundo. I also had a chance to speak with NBC’s Chuck Todd after his A Year in Politics panel with the Journalism School Dean Steve Coll. He was very impressed with the fact that I was an undergrad.

The panel focused on how Latinos impact the election and how the candidates try to appeal to Latino voters. The most interesting part was seeing how my class, The Latino Political Experience with Professor de la Garza, is very relevant to this day and age. The pan-ethnic identity of Latinos has major mobilizing power, but because of circumstance, that effect has yet to be seen. Telemundo, as a major Spanish network and now with Fusion, has a lot of capital and knowledge in the Latino experience. To see history, and politics, and a little bit of my hometown all come together in the city where everything happens is something I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.


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