Fact Checking the SOTU

The Harbinger

Barack Obama

By Kaitlyn Pujols

If you happened to be scrolling through your social media January 20th you would know that President Obama delivered his state of the union address. In this speech Obama did his fair share of cherry picking facts and exaggerating to shed a better light on his presidency.

The fact that “more than half of manufacturing executives have said they’re actively looking to bring jobs back from China.” is overblown to say the least and a survey showed that most expressed “interest” in it but never deeply considered bringing jobs back from China. This statement is in reference to a study made back in August of 2014 which only included 252 senior manufacturing executives. And while more than half of the executives said they were “interested” in bringing jobs back from China only 16% actively began bringing jobs back from over seas.This is partially due to the fact…

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