The Looming Future: College Applications

A very wise lady once told me, “College won’t seem real until it’s upon you.”

I didn’t want to believe her. But at the same time, I knew she was right.

I can’t predict my future, but I know it is a tangible thing. Yet, I thought, college is so far away. I thought, I don’t have to go. I thought and bought, there’s still time. 

Ironically, my favorite Disney character – Peter Pan – is everything I am not. Whereas he never wanted to grow up, I spent all my time trying to be a grown up. He was a child of never and I believed in forever.

I know what I want my immediate future to be. I also know that I can’t always get what I want. College is upon me, but it still doesn’t seem real.

Maybe I’m making absolutely no sense, but I’m kind of wishing that if I did leave my window open tonight, I wouldn’t have to worry about my future – at least for a while.


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